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Pro Tips for the Perfect Pie Crust

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Pro Tips for the Perfect Pie Crust

Everyone loves pie! A good pie can bring back memories of baking with grandma, family gatherings, or watching your mom make a beautiful pie for special occasions.

Many cooks struggle to get the pie crust just right and resort to a bland store-bought crust. As a career pastry chef, I can help! Here are my pro tips for making a pie crust that is just as delicious as the one grandma used to make. 

Buy Better Butter

The most important ingredient in any pie crust is the fat. This is what gives the crust that soft, flaky texture. European butter has a higher butterfat content, which makes it the best option for baking.

Starting with good ingredients makes a difference in any recipe. European butter will make a significant difference in the quality of your pie crust.

Don’t Overmix

Butter creates a fat barrier between the flour and the liquid. If you over-mix, you’ll create too much of a fat barrier and this results in a pasty, sticky ball. If you stop before the butter coats the flour, your mixture will be crumbly and dry. Keep your butter as cold as possible and mix gently until you get a dough that’s pliable but not sticky.

Chill Out 

After I build my pie, stick it back in the fridge for an hour or two and let it chill. This keeps the butter cold and helps it to slowly cook into the flour, which is what brings out the beautiful flaky layers that people love.

Make it Shine

If you want your pie to have a perfect sheen, brush it with an egg wash just before baking it. I add a second step for extra shine. Five minutes before taking it out of the oven for good, I brush my crust with corn syrup. This creates a beautiful glaze that makes it Instagram-worthy.

Whether you’re using a family recipe handed down for generations, or you’re trying out a new recipe from Pinterest, you can make a delicious pie crust if you follow these pro tips. Happy baking!

Beyond the Pie: Delicious Desserts for Your Holiday Gathering

Most holiday gatherings feature pie, pie and more pie. And while pie is great, we think it’s time to break out of a rut and put something different on the dessert table. This year, think outside the pie plate and present a unique treat that will surprise and delight your guests.

Dessert Bars

If you want to ensure you have enough dessert for everyone, dessert bars are a great alternative to traditional pies. Our pecan bars are similar to pecan pie, but are cut into squares like brownies. They’re delicious, bite sized, and easy to serve.


Make dessert kid-friendly with a dressed-up cookie selection. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are perfect for this time of year.  Bump up the delicious factor with homemade cookie ice cream sandwiches– we guarantee kids of all ages will love it!

Pumpkin Anything

Pumpkin is a beautiful way to introduce new textures and flavors to a standard recipe – and it’s not just for pies! Two of our favorites are pumpkin mousse and pumpkin cheesecake. If you really want to impress dinner guests, we suggest pumpkin eclairs. They’re sweet, chewy, and absolutely perfect for an elevated gathering.  

Remember, dessert is the punctuation mark on your meal. These desserts will ensure your dinner ends with delighted guests and a delicious exclamation point. Our Thanksgiving dessert options are guaranteed to be gobbled up, so call 469.335.8919 today to place your order here!