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desserts, confections, and sweet treats

We are proud to offer desserts, confections, and sweet treats to restaurants, hotels, caterers, and convention centers throughout the DFW Metroplex. In many cases, our desserts are featured on our partners' menus. In other cases, we prepare specialty items as needed.

Whether you are looking to outsource high volume production or to develop unique, custom items exclusive to your property, Pastry Chef Sam Major will work with you personally to ensure your needs are met.

Chef Sam's background in high volume production and as the Executive Pastry Chef at acclaimed restaurants and catering companies has given him the experience necessary to meet specific needs you face, including:

  • Meeting deadlines​ and working with your staff to establish par levels
  • Customizing dessert offerings to match the unique aesthetic of your restaurant or venue
  • Preparing components for luxury plated desserts, including house-made chocolate garnishes
  • Ensuring freshness and visual appeal of products on buffet lines
  • Developing products suited to plating for high volume events

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